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Women of the Water

A Women's Boating Club

Women of the Water is a community-wide motor boating club focused on encouraging and supporting one another in a wide range of boating activities with the goal of building confidence and self-sufficiency on the water. 

What do we do?


Women of the Water outings vary from week-to-week. Adventures may include blueberry picking in the abundant patches of Voyageurs National Park, navigating through lakes big and small to find historical landmarks, or finding our inner child by completing a boating scavenger hunt. All of our trips include socializing with other women, learning boating and navigation skills, and loads of fun!

When & Where?

Meeting times:  
Tuesdays (between Memorial Day - Labor Day) at 2:00 pm

Meet us at 
7540 Gold
Coast Rd.

Crane Lake, MN 55725

How Can I Sign Up?


Signing up means you will receive a weekly e-mail during the summer that explains the 'WOW' outing of the week, what to bring, and when to meet. To sign up please fill out a medical form and a waiver and e-mail them to Emily Schwanke by clicking on the links below.

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